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The advantages of Ball Valve?

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The advantages of Ball Valve?

Ball valves play a vital role in daily life, because they are the basis of daily use, from bicycles or cars, jet aircraft or any industry. Valves come in different sizes and shapes, and each valve has different sizes, functions, and applications. Let’s check about the advantages of the ball valve.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • What is a ball valve

  • The working principle and structure of ball valve

  • The advantage of ball valve

  • The disadvantage of ball valve

1. What is a ball valve

Ball valves are widely used in industry. In order to ensure that these valves maintain function during operation, it is safe to perform maintenance before it is corroded. Regular cleaning and lubrication to ensure smooth function is the key to its service life. These valves are divided into five general valve bodies, including three-piece valve body, two-piece valve body, single valve body top inlet, split valve body and welded valve body. The following characteristics make it the best choice for controlling various applications. Sometimes in throttle applications, they are more popular than other valves with weaker control capabilities.

2. The working principle and structure of ball valve

Working principle of ball valve:

When the ball rotates 90 degrees, the sphere will appear completely at the inlet and outlet, close the valve, and block the flow of the medium.

When the ball rotates 90 degrees again, the entire ball mouth will appear in the inlet and outlet to allow flow, with almost no resistance.

Structure characteristics of ball valve:

(1) The ball valve is not restricted by the installation direction, and the flow direction of the medium can be arbitrarily selected. The fluid resistance of the full-diameter ball valve is small.

(2) The ball valve is simple in structure, relatively small, light in weight and easy to maintain.

(3) Compact and reliable. It has two sealing surfaces. The current sealing surface is a variety of widely used plastic ball valves. It has good sealing performance and can be completely sealed. It has also been widely used in vacuum systems.

(4) Light-duty ball valve is suitable for frequent operation and fast opening and closing speed. easy to use. It only needs to rotate from fully open to fully closed to facilitate remote control.

(5) Easy to maintain. Simple structure ball valve with flexible sealing ring. Generally speaking, it is more convenient to disassemble and assemble.

(6) Good sealing performance. In the fully open or fully closed state, the sealing surfaces of the valve ball valve and valve seat are isolated from the medium. When the medium passes, it will not cause corrosion to the sealing surface.

(7) Its application range is very wide, from a few millimeters to a few meters in diameter, from high vacuum to high pressure.

(8) Low fluid resistance.

(9) No vibration and low noise.

(10) Due to friction during opening and closing, the ball valve can be used to transport liquids containing suspended solid particles.

3. The advantage of ball valve

  • They provide leak-proof services,

  • Quickly open and close,

  • Compared with gate valves, their size is very small,

  • They are lighter than gate valves,

  • The flexibility of multiple designs does not exist in gate valves or globe valves, so it reduces the number of required valves,

  • These valves come in different sizes and shapes, providing flexibility in selection,

  • High quality valves can provide safe applications under high temperature and high pressure conditions

  • Compared with other valves, their control force is smaller.

4. The disadvantage of ball valve

  • Rotate the position of the valve handle,

  • Cannot be used for throttling,

  • These valves with drive mechanism should be installed upright.

That’s all about the advantages and disadvantages of ball valves, do you get it?




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