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The advantages of gate valve

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The advantages of gate valve

The gate valve is mainly used as a fluid controller. These special designs are used to start, stop or regulate linear fluid flow and provide minimum flow restrictions as needed. Gate valve manufacturers have proposed new specifications to improve operability in different industrial applications. Gate valves provide a series of advantages and disadvantages, improving their function. This article is all about this.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • The advantages of gate valve

  • The disadvantages of gate valve

  • The applications of gate valve

1. The advantages of gate valve

(1) The gate valve provides a small fluid resistance because the medium channel in the body is straight. It flows through a valve that does not obstruct the direction of water flow.

(2) This is an energy-saving option because it consumes less energy when it is turned on or off. This is because the direction of motion is perpendicular to the direction of media flow. Therefore, gate valves are both energy-saving and time-saving compared to globe valves.

(3) The gate valve provides unimpeded medium flow from the valve body in any direction. It does not reduce the pressure and is suitable for pipelines where the flow direction may change.

(4) The overall length of the gate valve is shorter than that of the globe valve. The disc is aligned with the valve body so that the gate valve has a shorter structural length than the shut-off valve.Therefore, the sealing function is quite good, making it less susceptible to corrosion when opened.

(5) Compared with the globe valve, the wear of the sealing surface is lighter.

(6) The valve body is simple in structure and easy to operate. It has a good casting process and provides a wide range.

2. The disadvantages of gate valve

(1) The sealing surface is easier to damage. When opening or closing, the contact between the gate and the valve seat will cause friction and shorten the service life. In case of damage, repair is even more difficult.

(2) Opening and closing is time-consuming because it needs to be fully opened or closed. The gate valve needs a certain opening space. In addition, due to its high size, it requires more space to install.

(3) The whole structure is quite complicated. It usually has two sealing surfaces, which makes its function, polishing and maintenance quite complicated. It has many components, making maintenance and manufacturing more expensive than globe valves.

(4) Assembly, start-up and maintenance require a lot of space.

(5) In the fully closed position, the slow movement of the slide results in a high flow rate. Due to vibration and collision, the surface of the valve seat is worn and deformed, and the surface is damaged due to friction.

(6) In a system with irregular temperature changes, the gate valve will leak due to the load in the pipe at the end of the valve.

(7) At the place of operation, repair and maintenance of the valve seat surface is difficult.

3. The applications of gate valve

The advantages of gate valves make it very suitable for various industrial applications. Gate valve manufacturers are introducing new technologies and features to cover up the potential shortcomings of these valves.

In air, gas, water, steam, lubricating oil and other systems, socket or butt welding gate valves are typical applications. Threaded end gate valves can be used in air, gas or liquid systems.

For the problem of leakage from the screw connection, it can be solved by sealing the welding screw connection or using an appropriate screw sealant. In low pressure and low temperature systems, such as water pipes or water distribution pipes in fire protection systems, flange gate valves are usually used.

So you know the advatages and disadvantages of the gate valves now?




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