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  • Working principle of gate valve?
    All valves are designed to stop, allow or throttle the flow of process fluid. Gate valve-an original valve structure-is very suitable for switching, mainly liquid, applications. The working principle of the gate valve is to lift a rectangular or circular gate plate from the fluid channel. When the valve is fully open, the inner diameter of the gate valve is full, which means that nothing obstructs the flow, because the gate valve and the pipe diameter have the same opening. This inner diameter also determines the valve diameter. One advantage of this full hole design is that the friction loss is very low, saving energy and reducing the total cost of ownership.This article is about how the gate value works. Read More
  • Working principle of Butterfly Valve
    According to the definition of the British Association of Valves and Actuators, a butterfly valve is "a valve whose orifice rotates at a right angle to the direction of the fluid around an axis. In the open position, the fluid bypasses the valve of the orifice." In other words, the butterfly valve consists of a circle The valve disc or plate is formed in a shape, and the valve stem passes through the middle or is attached in an offset position. When opened, the valve flap rotates 90 degrees in the valve hole, aligns with the fluid, and creates an almost unrestricted flow path. Like the ball valve, the butterfly valve can be quickly closed by rotating 90 degrees. What do we know about it? How does it work? You will find it after reading this article. Read More
  • What are the main standards for Butterfly Valve?
    A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve used to stop, regulate, and start flow. Butterfly valves are easy to open quickly. The 90-degree rotation of the handle provides full closure or opening of the valve. Large butterfly valves are usually equipped with a so-called gearbox, where the handwheel is connected to the valve stem via a gear. This simplifies the operation of the valve, but at the cost of speed.This article is about the standards and specifications of butterfly valve. Read More
  • What are the main points of Globe Valve installation?
    Globe valves are mainly used for steam or other media that require throttling applications. The advantage of the valve seat design is that when it is connected to the valve seat downward, the shape of the ball is used to effectively cut the fluid upwards until the fluid is completely sealed on the surface of the valve seat. However, this does cause a greater pressure drop than the gate valve and causes turbulence in the pipeline.The diameter, pressure level and material selection of all globe valves are the responsibility of the user or system designer. The process system can provide advice in this regard, but the selection process is entirely the responsibility of the end user or plant operator. This article is all about the installation,operation, and maintenance of the globe valve. Read More
  • The advantages of Butterfly Valve
    The advantages of Butterfly ValveButterfly valve is used to control the flow. This is a quarter rotary valve. The metal flap is set vertically in the closed position and parallel to the fluid, and the flap rotates a quarter turn in the fully open position. These intermediate rotations are necessary Read More
  • What is Ball Valve?
    What is Ball Valve?A ball valve is a mechanical device that guides and regulates the flow of various types of liquid through an opening in a ball. There is an opening in the middle of the ball. This opening is called a port. By turning the handle on the ball valve, manually open and close the port t Read More
  • Working principle of Globe Valve
    The globe valve regulates the flow in the pipeline. It is used to control or prevent the flow of liquid or gas through pipes. The globe valve is named after the shape of its spherical valve body. The two halves of the valve body are separated by an internal baffle.Although these valves have a slightly higher pressure drop than gate/ball valves, they can be used where the pressure drop across the valve is not a controlling factor. Globe valves are also called throttle valves. This article is all about the working principle of the globe valve. Read More
  • Resilient Seat Gate Valve Advantage
    Resilient Seat Gate Valve Advantage Read More
  • The advantages of Globe Valve
    The globe valve is a linear motion valve used to stop, start, and regulate fluid flow.So when we are using in our industry, we are considering about why we choose it. This article is about this. Read More
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